Resilience and Disability

V. Here are some ways to improve your resilience.

c. Become a better problem solver

If you are coping with a disability, you have learned a great deal about problem solving.  Problem-solving skills are a basic resilience skill.  Solving problems may run the gamut from figuring out how to put your shoes on in the morning to how you can better manage the limited income that you may now have.  For more information on problem solving, you can refer to Living with a Disability, Section II, Chapters 1 through 5. 

Here is a problem-solving chart you may find helpful.

Solutions Chart
  1. Issue or problem that you are confronting. Clearly state and define the component parts of the problem. Be specific.
  2. Potential solutions. What are probable solutions? Be as open-minded as you can.
  3. Who are the people that can help you solve the problem? List names and    telephone numbers, e-mails of individuals who might be of help to you or who might know someone who could help you solve the problem.

Frequently update this chart as new information and changes take place. This could become a way of tracking how you are overcoming an issue or a problem that you are confronting.

We have provided a version of the Solutions Chart to download and print out - PDF.



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