Clinical Services and Their Benefits

Dr. Breazeale offers a variety of clinical services through his practice.

These include:

  • Individual Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy can assist you in struggling with problems such as anxiety, depression and loss, in examining life issues, and identifying internal strengths and setting goals for positive change.
  • Couples and Family Counseling: Families experiencing conflict in their relationships can benefit from examining what holds them together as well as the forces that divide them. Through this process they can improve communication skills and learn to resolve conflicts and disagree productively.
  • Group Therapy: Group therapy can provide a supportive environment where you can examine your present behavior and try on new more effective ways of coping with personal issues and life stressors.
  • Current groups focus on:
    • Chronic Illness and Disability
    • Depression and Loss
    • Addiction
  • Stress Management and Anxiety Treatment Services can assist you in coping with stress brought on by such factors as job difficulties, conflict in relationships, acute or chronic medical problems, and other life transitions. These services can help you to overcome and manage anxiety disorders such as phobias, panic attacks, agoraphobia, fear of flying, fear of crowds, obsessive thoughts and compulsions.

These clinical services are provided by Dr. Breazeale at Psychological and Educational Services at 205 Ocean Avenue, Portland, Maine and are in most cases covered by medical insurance, Medicaid or Medicare. We can assist you in determining your coverage. To schedule an appointment or for more information, please call 207-773-7993 x 25.